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What makes Cardinia… Cardinia?

I’ve been doing “A Guide…” for a while now. In fact, I think I first set the Facebook page up over 6 years ago, and the website is on it’s second iteration. And the more I get in to doing it, the more I start to wonder, what is it that makes Cardinia, Cardinia?
I think it’s a great place to live, and I have some wonderful memories from being in the Shire (not least of which is meeting my partner! ) Now I’ve lived in a lot of places, from Western Victoria across to the East – I figure the way I move, by the time I retire I’ll be on the East coast of Victoria with a can and a fishing rod and not much else – but I’m still not sure what it is that make Cardinia unique.
November Photo Competition Winnahs - Officer History - Andrew Snook

Officer History – Andrew Snook

Certainly, there’s a rich history here, if you care to look, and that includes pre-white settlement – but in that regard, it’s not much different from the rest of Victoria.
It could be the people, but again, while we’re unique as individuals and as communities within the Shire, the same community spirit can be found across the state.

It could well be the diversity in geography within the Shire, from the Hills in the North through the central growth corridor to the Koo Wee Rup farming swamp lands in the south. It certainly has a wide variety of terrains and natural features. No one of them is unique, but perhaps the combination makes them so. They are all, however, in their own way, beautiful.
And, like working out the appropriate names for people from different towns and localities, I’m trying to find out. I’ll be stopping to ask you – yes, YOU – on my way around the Shire on the Great Chilli Tour (and will definitely come back to Bunyip to ask, as well).
Until we get there, why don’t you tell me what you think makes Cardinia Shire what it is? What makes YOUR part of the Shire such a great place to live?

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