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OK, so, this is bugging me way more than I believe it should. Every week for a while now I’ve been doing a roundup of job opportunities advertised on various sources over the preceding 6-7 days. They’ve had a huge response – I’m staggered by the number of people reading them. The job locations range all over, not just Cardinia Shire, but up to the Yarra Ranges, down to Bass Coast and out past Baw Baw Shire.

Here’s the latest post, with over 50 employment opportunities.

There are a few reasons for the wider geographic coverage:

  1. I don’t see or find all that many jobs advertised within Cardinia Shire. There are undoubtedly more, but I can’t be everywhere at once (unfortunately?)
  2. Living and Working in Cardinia Shire
  3. I’ve been unemployed. I know how much it sucks, and how hard it to be to get anything

So what is it that’s bugging me?
Jobs in the Shire
This. This is bugging me.

While I understand the point of view, what annoys me is that a) this comment was on a share in a group for jobs in another shire and b) entitled, much? The current reality of living in Cardinia Shire is that you are likely to be working somewhere else. (See point 2. above). As much as I would love to post 100 jobs all based in the Shire, that just ain’t gonna happen. (Also, while there may be a few jobs in my roundup from Seek or Indeed, etc., the majority of them will not be found there.)

This isn’t about to change without significant investment in local business, both big and small.

Some of that is happening (Hi, Gumbuya World, Pakenham Racing Club and Motorsport Facility), but a great deal more is needed. Projects like the Train Yards provide a short-term lift in jobs, but on-going the number of jobs available will be minimal.

We need more businesses, both large and small, in the Shire employing locals. The benefits to doing so are enormous. The memes say so.

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