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Situated to the south east of Melbourne, the Shire of Cardinia is one of the interface councils where the suburban meets regional. One of the fastest growing populations centres in Australia, there are now more than 100,000 residents within the Shire, from the Hills in the north through the central growth corridor to the swamplands of the south.


The areas within the present-day boundaries of Cardinia Shire were originally sections of the Berwick and Cranbourne districts, which were incorporated in 1862 and 1860 respectively. The Shire of Sherbrooke (formerly the Shire of Fern Tree Gully), split away in 1889 and included areas to the east of Melbourne. In 1973, the City of Berwick, including Berwick and areas closer to Dandenong, split away from the Shire of Berwick, with the remainder being renamed Shire of Pakenham.

The statewide government reform of 1994 saw the Shire came into being on 15 December, by merging the Shire of Pakenham with rural sections of the Shire of Sherbrooke and City of Cranbourne.

The Shire of Cardinia includes the only area of Melbourne to use telephone numbers beginning with the exchange prefix 5 (a leftover from when it used the area code 059).

Today, Cardinia is a community rich with cultural diversity, beauty, and history; as well as, amazing educational, recreational, and scientific opportunities.


The Shire of Cardinia has a weekly newspaper which it “shares” with the neighbouring Shire of Casey, The Pakenham-Berwick Gazette.

Economic Information

With construction being the largest industry within the shire, reflecting its rapid population growth, the total Gross Regional Product (pre-Covid) was estimated at around $3.66 billion – which represents less than 1% of the Victorian Gross State Product. It is estimated that Covid-19 has wiped more than $100 million from the local economy in the 6 months leading up to June, but this could easily be substantially more.

The most recent estimates indicate there are almost 5,500 non-employing businesses within the Shire (sole-traders).

Recent significant developments include Gumbuya World, the planned Motorsport Complex in Pakenham South, and the Pakenham East sub-development with housing for up to 20,000 residents.

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