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Treat your dog

I’d like to introduce you all to a young lass by the name of Maddi. She lives down in Koo Wee Rup, with her parents – which is not surprising, because Maddi is all of eleven years old. Maddi absolutely loves dogs. I mean, she adores them – to the point of having started her own business, Maddi’s Dog Pampering. And boy do they get pampered – Maddi will, over the course of three hours, wash, walk and spend time training them. Plus, she makes special dog biscuits for that extra little treat.

Maddi has big plans for her business, with plans to expand in the future, which include dog cupcakes and frozen treats (which will be amazing come summer).

Now, I know, eleven is …. not old. But that’s ok, because Maddi’s mum is always with her when she takes them for walks, and is fully supportive of both her love for the animals and her business. And it is a unique business, too, because while there are pet grooming and obedience classes available, there aren’t any who offer the hand-made treats and love only Maddi can give.

(And, like many eleven year olds – wish I was that age again – while there is a charge for the services and products, Maddi really only does it for the dogs to be happy)

You can find Maddi’s Dog Pampering on Facebook

and soon, you’ll be able to buy the treats and more through Shop Cardinia

(A 3 hour wash, walk and train is only $15, and you can buy Maddi’s dog biscuits in bags of 10 for $2)

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