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The Old Milk Bar

I have some very fond memories of the local milk. I seem to recall massive lollies, and lots and lots of them in little brown or white paper bags. Funny, that. My kids, also, have some affection for the milk bar near their school (although, since it changed hadns and is now owned by – apparently – a chain, those memories are somewhat tarnished).

I am sure, however, that we are not alone in fond memories.

Back in early to mid 2019 by Tom and Lauren, took a dilapidated old milk bar and turned it into the stunning  “Old Milk Bar”, a stunning cafe on the main street of Lang Lang. Both 24, it took them 2 full months to update the store to take advantage of it’s position and local renown. Both being 24, they are now moving on to other projects, and so the Old Milk Bar is up for sale.
In an almost ironic twist of fate, it was the renovation itself which started the change of direction – Lauren is now finishing a degree in Project Management – and Tom has a burgeoning audio engineering business. All of which means that someone else has a chance to make the most of this amazing opportunity (and I have to admit, I’m very tempted. I do love a good cafe).The business is currently listed on Gumtree for sale, and you can contact Tom and Lauren at [email protected] for any enquiries and expressions of interest.

The Old Milk Bar
10 Westernport Road, Lang Lang
Phone: (03) 5644 3632
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oldmlkbar/
Gumtree Listing: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/lang-lang/business-for-sale/lang-lang-cafe-for-sale/1241291427
The Old Milk Bar Coffee
The Old Milk Bar Main Dining
The Old Milk Bar Serving

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