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The Festival of Colours

The festival of colours is Holi, it is vibrant and filled with beautiful colours. Holi is considered as one of major festival in India. It is celebrated in the month of Phalgun on full moon day according to Hindu calendar.

With the onset of spring, northern India gets into the colourful mood of Holi. This festival also denotes celebration due to good harvests and land fertility. This colourful festival also celebrates the eternal love of Radha and Krishna.

The festival of colours teaches humankind to transcend above the caste and creed. It is a festival to forget old grievances and meeting others with great warmth & high spirit. This festival begins with lightening of bonfire on Holi eve. Next day, people play Holi with different types of colours, abirs and gulals. They greet each other with Shubh Holi i.e. Happy Holi and send warm wishes of the festival.

– from Society for the Confluence of Festivals in India

Traditionally celebrated in India to signify the arrival of spring and the end of winter, Holi is more about love, equality and respect for everyone, and transitions well into our culture, where we are constantly striving for acceptance and tolerance. In Cardinia, this year, the event (details below) is being held and hosted by the Indian Australian Community Cooperative Inc, with a special dedication to all of the fire-fighters who have given so much over summer to those in the path of the bush fires.
Holi festival is a spectacularly beautiful and colourful event, and a great excuse to get extremely messy.
Traditionally celebrated over 2 days, on the first day, people will gather around a bonfire and celebrate good triumphing over evil. On the second day is when perfumed powder called gulal is pelted at everyone and made to stick with water pistols and balloons. Sounds like loads of fun to me.
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Come join us as we celebrate Festival of Colours not only to mark the Hindu festivity but to spread the message of equality, joy and love across the broader community. This year our event is dedicated to the Firies who have worked day and night for pas few months, volunteers who have been contributing in many ways, families who have been affected by the bushfires and the wildlife that has suffered the most. This event is to bring a little joy on everyone’s life and bringing everyone together as one
Monday from 16:00 – 18:00
Living & Learning Inc – Skills & Wellbeing Centre
6B Henry Street, Pakenham, Victoria 3810
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