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The Cost of an Overpass.

Way back in August 2018, I wrote a little article called “Tynong – Tourist Destination“. If you haven’t read it, you might want to do so now, because one of the big questions it raised was the ability of the roads to cope with the traffic. In November 2018, I followed it up with “Growth Central“.

In February of 2018, a 64 year old lady from Karingal died in a smash at the Brew Road intersection. Today, a man has died and two women are fighting for their lives in another smash. There have been countless less serious accidents at the intersection in between then and now.

In 2017, an overpass at the Longwarry intersection was completed with quite some fuss, making that intersection much safer for the (at the time) 25,000 vehicles who crossed it every day. That was 4 years ago. With the ongoing growth and projects coming to Cardinia, including the Pakenham East precinct, and K-Mart and Bunnings now open in Warragul, that traffic has only and will only continue to increase. If you’re like me and drive it regularly, you’ll also understand that many drivers believe speed limits to be optional.

It is time VicRoads and the State Government took a good long hard look at the reality, and be pro-active beyond immediate budgetary constraints, or election promises, and modify that intersection as soon as possible – and seriously consider the same for some of the other intersections between Pakenham and Warragul. I know there are calculations in use in some areas which put a dollar value on a human life – I don’t know if they are a part of the roads planning process – but I certainly hope they aren’t, because a pair of portable variable speed limit signs are not going to save another life from being lost. Is the cost of an overpass more than the cost of the lives that have been and are going to be lost?

There is now a petition circulating that request VicRoads do exactly that. You can read and sign it here:



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