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Pleased to “Meat” You, With Meat to Please  You

That’s the slogan of Luke Kelly’s butcher shop, “The Meating Place, Longwarry”, and I can tell you from personal experience, every word is true. Luke is always delighted to meet people, and his product is awesome. In the 15 months he’s owned it, Luke has prided himself on providing only the freshest and best local meat produce for families to enjoy.

Having managed butcher shops and smokehouse all over this great nation of ours since he was fresh out of his apprenticeship at 19 years of age, the opportunity arose to go out on his own and give it a go came his way so he took the leap (and I, for one, am glad he did)

With a good size family (5 kids) right behind him, Luke is full steam ahead with the business. The three youngest kids aren’t always too impressed with the time the shop takes dad away from them, but they all make up for that in quality and laughs. With that in mind, plans to expand are always a possibility – depending on the enjoyment of his food, and demand for it. However, as Luke says, if it’s not there, he’s “more than happy right here in this magnificent town of Longwarry – easily best decision I’ve made”.

While there are quite a few butchers in and around Cardinia, Luke believes that is a very healthy thing, for himself, the industry and their customers, but doesn’t particularly see anyone as a competitor, preferring to focus on what he’s doing is right. 

“Their shops have been around a lot longer than mine – 20+years in some cases – and some are more concentrated on a wholesale trade.  There is a really good genuine country smokehouse in Nar Nar Goon. It does a magnificent job to be honest, and then there’s your cheaper bulk joints with big buying power, each is different in there own right.”

– Luke Kelly

What pushes The Meating Place to the top of the pack would be Luke himself – and his amazing staff! They pride themselves on good, old-fashioned country service: always friendly, always helpful and they can do anything you need, whether it be for the fussiest of eaters or specific dietary requirements, they cater for allergens and people that live a minimal waste lifestyle.

On Jan 1st of this year we were granted our Smallgoods manufacturing license and as I understand it, there is nobody else in this country producing the amazing hams, bacon, kabana, kranksky, pastrami and just about anything else you can possibly think of. Their range and variety of premium quality steaks and gourmet meals is so huge most days they don’t have enough room in the meat-case to display them all! With weekly and fortnightly specials – always something for everyone to enjoy and most importantly afford – the beef that Luke bones and processes on site is all certified Black Angus and personally selected from a local Yannathan farm right here in Gippsland. 

Check out The Meating Place – Luke and his staff will definitely be pleased to “meat” you!

Address: Kennedy Street, Longwarry (just opposite the pub)

Telephone: 5629 9363

Email: [email protected]

Website: The Meating Place on the Web

Shop Cardinia: The Meating Place

Facebook: The Meating Place

Directory Listing: The Meating Place

And, you can see Luke Live Streaming every Thursday evening at 5:00 pm on A Guide to Cardinia on Facebook; here’s a few of the brilliant streams he’s done already:

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