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Mt Cannibal Community and District Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day

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Cardinia Shire has a long list of events throughout the year to entertain parents and children alike, from the various Agricultural Shows through Yakkerboo to the latest, the Mt Cannibal Community and District Family Fun Day. Running from 11 am to 3 pm this coming Sunday the 14th of April, Gumbuya World plays host to the The Mount Cannibal & District Preservation Group Inc.

In addition to the bountiful attractions Gumbuya World has to offer – the “Wildlife Trail”, “Outback Explorer”, Roller Coasters and more – there will be a sausage sizzle, raffle, merchandise sales and a special guest appearance by Mark Knight.

The Preservation group, formed originally in 2006, monitors development activity in the area, and to ensure that the sensitive environment suffers no negative impacts from that development. That makes this not only is this a great family day out, but it also provides a great opportunity to support the push to stop Hanson’s Bunyip North Quarry. Given the recent devastation the area has endured, the additional damage this quarry would cause will be devastating. In their own words: “After the devastation of the Bunyip Forest bushfires, our message is now black and white. Our community needs to rebuild, recover and heal…not be devastated all over again by a 100 year quarry proposal!”
Stop the Quarry

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