Moving right along…

Moving right along... life is always changing

Moving right along…

Moving right along…

This last week or so has been quiet for A Guide to Cardinia, and the last month or two it’s been the Employment Opportunities that have been consistent. As some of you may be aware, I stared a new full-time position some months ago as an employment consultant, and I also have a couple of other projects warming up at the moment (you’ll see some of that soon) so I’ve been a little pressed for time. Also, my thinking has not been very positive at all.

Moving right along... the original logo
Guide to Cardinia Logo 2019
Moving right along... current Guide to Cardinia logo

Now we’re almost halfway through 2021 (!) and moving right along, I’m getting my head back in to a good space, which means there’ll be something of a re-focus, and making more of a true “Guide”. As with every adaptation and evolution, there’ll be hits and misses, things that work, things that don’t and things that evolve over time. I haven’t yet fully defined what it will all encompass, so if you have suggestions, or things you’d like to see, or know, now’s your chance to have a say. You can email me at [email protected], send me a message through the website, or message me through Facebook. If you have an article, story or image you’d like to share, you can send them through the same ways.

Some of the changes will involve:

  • more (constructive and respectful) discussion
  • articles on places to go and things to do
  • positive and/or funny morning memes
  • live streams
  • constructive articles – and discussion – on changes within the shire, and the driving forces behind them
  • shop cardinia
  • business and event directory
  • real estate

You may also see the odd post shared from A Guide to Bass Coast or A Guide to Baw Baw (Yes, that is a shameless plug. Yes, I am a little insane).

You’ll also see (eventually) the job posts move to their own website – and only the Cardinia-specific jobs will be cross-posted to A Guide to Cardinia. When it is all built, we should see traffic jump from the current 25,000+ views per month to more than double that, making it an even better way of both finding work and finding the right employee.

Currently AGTC administers the following groups on Facebook:

The names have changed somewhat over the last 12 months, and there will be further changes to most of them in the next little while as well (please answer any questions if you ask to join the groups).

I’m very humbled to have such an amazing audience, and grateful that the vast majority of interactions are so constructive and positive. I hope that continues as AGTC continues evolving. Thank you all for following A Guide to Cardinia on this little journey. I hope you’ve found it helpful.


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