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Cardinia Shire is an amazing place. From the Hills in the north through the growth corridor in the middle to the Swamp in the South, combined, there are few Shires like it in the State, let alon ehte country.And the people are (in general) amazing: always there in times of need (and times of need are increasing), courageous and giving. We are lucky to live here.

Yes, there are challenges – there always are; but as a community we’re pretty positive about it all. And I love it. You’re awesome.So, in conjunction with a few local photographers, I’ve put together a few posters to celebrate the Shire. Have a look at the first three them below:

Ali Uding Pakenham Aqueduct Everett Dirksen Poster
Ali Uding Pakenham Aqueduct Robert Holden Poster
Ali Uding Pakenham Aqueduct W B Yeats Poster

Watch out for them in the first edition of the A Guide to Cardinia Newsletter due at the end of the month!Of course, these are low-res digital. Buttttt…. you can buy printed high resolution copies, if you’re quick, by sending us a message on Facebook, or sending an email to [email protected]

Each poster measures 42.0 cm by 59.4 cm and there are strictly limited numbers of each one available. Cost is $55 plus postage, although some free delivery is available. Funds raised by A Guide to Cardinia will go back in to the community. Everyone wins! Yayyyy!

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