Get Your Job Ad Seen

Get Your Job Ad Seen

Get Your Job Ad Seen

There are a few ways to get your job ad seen online, from expensive Seek ads to free Jora or Indeed listings. Facebook has become more popular with both job-seekers and employers because, well, it’s Facebook. And in typical Facebook fashion, their job advertisements and search engine is not fully developed or entirely functional, particularly when it comes to searching and finding jobs. Applying through Facebook is another joy, whether it’s sending through your profile information in lieu of an actual resume, or having an email address hidden to force applications through Facebook.

The Facebook “patch” for this – irrespective of any further updates or changes to their system – is, of course, groups. And there are a lot of job groups out there (AGTC has it’s own, and I also assist with the moderation of at least two others).  This works reasonably well – when the previously mentioned “glitches” aren’t repeated – but is very dependent on the individual group and the administration thereof.

If you’ve been following A Guide to Cardinia for any length of time, you’ll know that Employment Opportunities is one of the more blatant aspects of what I do. In addition to running the jobs part of the website, Monday’s through Thursdays I compile a list of vacancies in each area from (and in order) Baw Baw Shire, Cardinia Shire, City of Casey and Shire of Yarra Ranges. This has varied over time, including Bass Coast and Mornington Peninsula. Each summary post is shared selectively across each region to garner the best coverage for all positions included, and it has proven extremely effective.

There are a few guidelines that I have in place for including jobs advertisements in the posts, and I thought I might share them so employers are more aware so getting their job ad seen by being included.  (click on the images below for examples)

  • If it is a paid listing on this website, it is automatically included every week for the life of the listing (list your job ad here)
  • For Facebook job ads, those I look for have
    • the business name clearly stated
    • the location of the business (not the area the work covers)
    • preferably includes an email address for applications
    • includes information about the position such as:
      • hours/week
      • required tasks/duties
      • benefits
      • licences/qualifications required
  • For job advertisements from other sites, they must have
    • an email address for applications to be sent to
    • all of the above as per Facebook jobs


Job advertisements on Facebook posted in Employment Opportunities by AGTC have first preference – because that’s the first place I look. There are a number of other groups relevant to each region that I also refer to…. but I’ll leave them for another article 😉

Similarly, while the summary posts are an excellent means of circumventing the downfalls of Facebook job ads, avoiding the expense of a paid listing on Seek and the time sink of endless social media sharing, there is still more to be said about the content and quality of the advertisements being posted. More on that, another day.



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