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Finding Work. Finding Employees. Finding Nemo.

A Guide to Cardinia has been doing job posts for a few years now. On average, there’s been 4 per week, with at least 10 vacancies per post. They’ve been read, roughly, between 1,000,000 and 1,500,000 times over that time (I could do a more precise count but that’s not really the point here). In the last 9 months, most of the what AGTC has done has revolved around those posts – because I’ve actually been working for a jobActive Employment agency and directly assisting people in finding work and finding employees. It’s stressful. It’s tough. It’s also the most satisfying job I’ve had in a very diverse career.

So the point of this? I kind of know what I’m doing when it comes to work, finding work and finding employees. Turns out, I’m actually pretty good at it.

Recently, I started adding in a small humorous comment – maybe even a joke – with the job posts because – believe it or not – finding a job is actually not a simple matter for many people. In fact, it’s outright stressful and frustrating. I know of people who have applied for hundreds of appropriate jobs, and not just not got them – they haven’t even heard back from the application or (even worse) after the interviews. (I also know of many businesses who are ghosted by “job-seekers” applying just to satisfy Centrelink requirements, which is a different story altogether).

Now one of the awesome things about what I do with AGTC is the interactions with people. There are very few unpleasant ones. The vast majority are thoughtful, considerate and respectful discussions (and I really like learning from these). One such recent interaction gave me serious thought about my jokes with the jobs

Finding Work. Finding Employees. Finding Nemo. Discussion

And I have pondered this. It’s a very valid point – but it also misses the point.

If I was aiming at employers primarily, it might be different, but the big job boards like Seek already do that. They are designed and marketed to employers. My job posts, my jobs board? It’s there for job-seekers, and the employers get the bonus of having their jobs advertised (those that get included). There are plenty of jobs listed for free on the site, and in the summary posts, but yes, employers can purchase an ad, and there are worthwhile benefits to doing so that don’t come with relying my finding the job ad and including it. I am not, however, charging fees to make a profit – just to cover the costs of running the board. Employers are always welcome to reach out and have a chat.

Employers have a great many more options available, and usually resources to help them achieve their goals. A Guide to Cardinia can actually assist them with that, and has for numerous businesses, if they’re willing to take advantage of the opportunities that AGTC presents. Many, however, aren’t willing to look beyond their most immediate wants, and I have little interest in spending my time convincing them otherwise. That applies right across all that AGTC does, and to both business and government entities.

Price Benefit Comparison. Finding Work. Finding Employees. Finding Nemo.

There are no promises that listing a vacancy on a job site will find the right employee for the job, whether it’s Indeed, my Employment Opportunities or Seek. But they will get the job ads out there to those looking. And that’s what it is all about. Getting job seekers reading the posts and applying for the jobs (which, again, is a whole other story – and given the lack of effort some employers put into their job ads, I’m not surprised they struggle to fill a vacancy. No different to the effort put into an application by a job-seeker).

A Guide to Cardinia Employment Opportunities and the job summary posts do that. So does the humour. And so, it will continue (although I may be more judicious in my choose of humour).

I could write about this forever, but for now, I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts about finding work and finding employees. Remember, though, no matter which side of the fence you’re on… just keep swimming.

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