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Murphy’s Nursery

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Murphy’s Nursery – For all your nursery needs

Murphy’s NurseryMurphy's Nursery is family-owned and conveniently located at 65 Wimple Road, Bunyip North, just north of the freeway, with easy access and ample parking. Amanda's and Tyson's passion for plants is obvious in their range, service and friendliness.

They stock a wide variety of plants including:

  • Natives,
  • Grasses,
  • Magnolias,
  • Flowering,
  • Indoor,
  • Fruiting &
  • Citrus

At Murphy’s Nursery they’ve got your hedging needs sorted. For your taller hedging:

  • Photinia Black Jack, Red Robin or Robusta
  • Pittosporum Silver Sheen
  • Lilly Pilly Bush Christmas or Acmena Red Tips
  • Portuguese Laurel

Or for smaller borders how about:

  • Hebes,
  • Nandina or
  • Dutch Box

Don't forget to check out their Facebook Page for loads of photos and more information!

(and to help you, here's a few ideas for plant selection to help you attract wildlife to your garden)



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