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gyles lawn care
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Gyle’s Lawn Care

Gyle's Lawn Care offers a customer friendly experience, which provides results far exceeding expectations. No matter what your lawn service needs may be, Gyle's Lawn Service have the solution.
About Myself
As you may know. My name is Gyle Faulkner I'm 27 Year’s old, husband and Father of four. Grew up in Queensland live there for most my life, Also Lived in South Australia for 5 years and Recently moved to Victoria. Since I was about 13 years old, I remember Mowing my Neighbours 5 acre block with her Ride on. I've had a fascination for Lawn care. For year after that I tried to get started. Life seemed to hold me back a little. Mostly Scared of the outcome. But as of May this year (2018) I have pursued my dream of owning and running my own Mowing Company. I want to create a life style for my self and my family, Push myself to new height. And I hope you can take the journey with me!

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